Impress your customers with personalized thank you letters at every order
and see them come back.|

Personal Print

is a Shopify App that automates printing personalized thank you notes to insert in each order.

It has proven to make customers come back.

Proven Benefits

Strengthen brand image

Maximize brand memorization at unboxing and see your customers share your brand.

Increase loyalty

Has proven to make customers come back.*

Stop losing customers

Add limited time incentives to purchase again

*Increase up to 50% percent more chances of seeing a customer come back


Zero Hassle
Start printing right away after installation

Beautiful ready to go templates

Choose from dozens of templates crafted by professional designers or fully customize them with a drag & drop tool.

Stay in your customers' mind

Automated personalized incentives

Non personalized discount codes will then feel extremely lame.

Special customers need to feel special

Adaptive content

Impress your customers every time without effort: the content adapts to returning or high value customers.

How it works


Install the Shopify App

We're an approved Shopify Partner.


Select your style

Fully customizable, incredibly easy. Use templates or your own images.


Print in bulk.

Fulfil your orders fast, and deliver an incredible experience without thinking about it.

We've built a perfect integration with Shopify:

Get a printable pdf for each order in one click.

"This is genius. I had been waiting for this for years. And you can quote me."

CEO - Nutriseed

"High personalization of our customer experience doubled our returning customer rate."

CEO - Matcha Botanicals


Is it hard to use?

Beautiful templates populate the app at installation so you can start printing right away! You want to make your own? Use our familiar drag and drop interface to taylor make your invoices and print them directly from Shopify interface.

Is it expensive?

If only 2 customers out of 1000 return thanks to the app (and they will), the app is paid for! Bear with me, the average shopify cart is 62$, with a gross margin of 40%, a little maths gives us 2 Customers x 62$ x 40% = 49.6$ revenue, with the 29$ plan, the app has already more than paid for its self!

Is it worth it?

Numbers speak for themselves, enjoy a 30 day free trial and monitor or customer repeat rate rise!

Do I need a special printer or special paper?

Not at all! The app generates pdfs in the format you define, choose between A4, A5, US Letter and 1/2 US Letter and print with your normal printer on the paper you choose.

Need more help?

Enjoy a free one to one setup session with one of our customer success managers.

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